Student & Corporate trips

VCBT-N school tours are designed to provide participants with a deeper understanding of Vietnam’s history and culture, while encouraging students to develop into responsible world citizens. With our widespread network of communities and tour operators, VCBT-N confidently takes participants on a journey to discover some of the nation’s most fascinating destinations, each of which are carefully selected and tailored to meet your school’s learning objectives or company’s mission.

Why Vietnam?

Visiting Vietnam is a truly unforgettable experience. From the moment you step off the plane you’ll be hit with vibrant colors, charmed by friendly faces and welcomed into the rich and ancient culture of the Vietnamese. With some of the world’s most stunning geological sites, fascinating blend of ethnic minority cultures, ancient temples and tumultuous history, Vietnam is ideal for any school and company trip. Whether you are focusing on ancient or modern history, ethnology of cultural studies, geology or geography, or just looking for fun, team building activities, we can organize a tour that will ensure the participants are happy and engaged in once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

  • Ta lai
  • Cá lồng xóm Mực, xã Tiền Phong
  • Bai-Tu-Long-bay-gallery__005
  • Hmong flower ethnic in the market


The best way to gain insights into distant cultures and history is by diving straight into it. We offer authentic experiences filled with local interactions, which is essential for full engagement and immersion into a new culture. With our portfolio of local communities, we hand-select and curate an itinerary that contains the most suitable activities for your needs while carefully considering requirements such as purpose, topic, geography, age range, budget, etc.

Sustainable and community-based tourism is the core of VCBT-N activities and preserving cultures, tradition and history while improving the livelihoods of local communities is our mission. All of program activities are provided by local people, which does not only ensure their genuineness but also create an opportunity to improve the lives of community members. Our aim is to provide the most amazing experiences for our clients while generating meaningful connections and economic benefits for local people and communities.

School programs

If you carefully look what Vietnam has to offer, it can easily get overwhelming and redundant. This is why we have made 3 major categories for school trips. These categories help set the guidelines for the purpose of the student’s trip.

  • Historical tours
  • Farm-focused
  • Project-focused

For a more customized need, we can help you plan. Please contact us with your trip details and requirements.  We will send you a proposal with a customized itinerary.


Corporate programs

Want to do something unique and meaningful with your team? We can propose a range of activities that will enrich your company’s culture, create lasting memories and impact local people.

  • Corporate trips
  • Corporate events
  • Incentive programs
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs

Contact us for more details.

Tour operator 

Expansion of product portfolio can be tricky and a lot of work. Let us provide solutions for you through:

  • FAM trip 
  • Destination scouting / consulting
  • Inspection trip

Contact us for more details.


Sample School Tour Itineraries

We understand that each school has its own time frame, learning objectives and budget. Whether it is a culture-based tour featuring all the major sites, a tour to complement a range of study topics and curriculum, an expedition styled program, a community service-based project or a mixture of all, we are confident to meet your requirements on all levels including safety, quality and originality. Check out the following tours for inspiration.

Farm-focused Project Work

The project work program is designed for 3 days for students aged between 16-18. Facilitators from Evergreen Labs will assist students on site.

Service work in Ky Anh Tunnel

The objective of this program is to provide students with unique opportunities to interact with locals who experienced the war and learn from the village’s fascinating history.

World Heritage Site Tour
& Local Interaction

This study tour aims to show high school students the fascinating UNESCO’s World Heritage sites and to provide knowledge and real experiences on culture of ethnic minorities in Central Vietnam.